eat-scrap replied to your post:
is this Andy

I would promptly abandon this account before my spark could shutter should that wretch ever manage to locate it.

I believe every organic who has ever sent me an anonymous message is undoubtedly missing their central processing core.

That or they’re simply this stupid naturally.

I wouldn’t doubt it either way.

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u see what I put up with

I have to deal with a fifty foot c HILD

Well I did cause my entire race to become nearly extinct via genocidal wipeout out of anger.


yo u know it’s no wonder starscre am tries to ki LL you al the time.

not th at i’d ever do that lord m egatron.


I l ost count after…

30s…m aybe.

doktorsterben pleaded: l ORD MEGATRON.. have anyone told you l ately you support a won derful body.

Knock Out, you’re overcharged. Go bother anyone else.


Anonymous pleaded: aren't you always trying to influence your relation with optimus? it's the same thing.

Don’t compare the ties I have to Optimus to your incessant and obsessive need to see other mecha interlope whether they desire it or not. Your disregard of situations disgust even me.

My “influence” toward Prime’s relationship with myself is of something different entirely.

Do humans truly have nothing better to do with their existence than attempt to intervene in relationships and influence it to their own satisfaction, regardless of what either party desires?


Uh huh. Right. ‘Cause there’s no possible use for grounders, right? That having ground forces couldn’t possibly help? I think we’re getting to reason #255 why I’d never want to be a ‘con.

I think he wouldn’t have died so uselessly if you hadn’t thrown him off the Nemesis in the first place. Weird idea, huh?

Okay, then your eyebrows are awesome.

That was not a claim I made; however if you wish to belittle yourself before me, then feel free to. I have no reason to object to it.

It is an irrelevant situation and I don’t know why you’re arguing semantics. Given our base structure, it should have simply been common knowledge. Just as for you Autobots, one does not simply fly into your base. They drive.

I once again do not care for what you find to be ‘awesome’. Your choice of terms is rather… childish.


Yes, reformat yourself mid-air-

Wait, “superior forms?” What, has the Decepticon doctrine been “All forms are equal, but some forms are more equal than others” all this time?


'Sides, being a grounder is awesome.

It’s simple knowledge that air superiority provides more maneuverability and access than grounding.

For example, he would not have died so uselessly if he had changed his vehicular form earlier.

And I do not care for what you find to be ‘awesome’.

ask-smokescreen replied to your post:
Hey, we’re not the ones that tried to throw a grounder off the ship by mistake. That was a mistake, wasn’t it?


It was a mistake that he did not reformat himself into a superior form.


The Autobots are certainly blessed to have such an ingenious and refined tool on their side.

ask-smokescreen pleaded: though boobytron works. If you fell into a trap, do you know what it would be?